Educational institutions

Simulo for educational institutions

Encouraging entrepreneurship and financial planning skills are increasingly important in educational institutions. You can learn the basics of economics from books, but the fact is that you only learn financial planning through experience.

Simulo is a series of simple, Excel-based financial planning tools that make it easy to test business planning, product pricing or cash budgeting.

The main financial planning tools are the S1 and S2 calculations, which help to assess the finances of a starting or operating business as a whole. Because of the simplified structure of the income statement and balance sheet in Simulo's tools, they quickly teach you the logic of a profitable business. More money should come in than goes out. Simulo's calculations also make it easy to understand the balance sheet. If there is no money in the bank, the balance sheet will scream red. This also illustrates the need for working capital in a concrete manner.

By introducing the Simulo tools at the start of their studies, students will learn the right terms easily. Because our calculations are automated, their smooth and easy usability is addictive. The balance sheet, which is often perceived as difficult, is also easy to understand when only the key points are highlighted.

A broader understanding of financial planning can be gained by looking not only at the income statement and balance sheet forecast, but also at cash budgeting and pricing. The cash budget helps to monitor the sufficiency of finances and the ability to cope with the costs of doing business. Cash budgeting teaches future financial planners and entrepreneurs in concrete terms the importance of steady billing and cash flow in business and clarifies the importance of working capital. By testing pricing calculations, you can get a feel for what constitutes the price of a product. By experimenting with different pricing models and feeding them into the profit forecast and cash budget, the impact of pricing on the overall financial structure of the business can be tested.

If a student uses Simulo's tools regularly for e.g. four years in various practical projects, they will not just play with spreadsheets in the fourth year, but can actually plan their finances with it. If the student's projects allow for real business practice, Simulo's tools will also help to break down revenue targets and expenses into monthly figures and, in a way, force them to do concrete work to make sales.

Other uses

Me, becoming an entrepreneur? Financing a start-up business. Planning and financing a growth business. The most important tool for managers and management teams. Planning a business in the midst of difficulties. Sizing and financing a takeover. Simulo works at all stages of the business life cycle.

A starting company

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Test your plans with Simulo's calculations. Make options. Sell your plans to financiers.

Company-specific use

One of the best friends of the business owner and the management team is the profit and balance sheet forecast, which is largely accurate.

Business counselling

With Simulo calculations, you can quickly and safely build a plan that is easy to interpret and modify with the customer.