S7 Pricing calculation for a mass-produced product

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Simulo S7 is an easy to use Excel-based pricing tool that helps you determine the price of a mass-produced product in a realistic and competitive way. It is suitable for both novice and experienced entrepreneurs who want to optimise production and distribution costs.

With Simulo S7, you can simulate different margin options to find the optimal pricing model. The tool evaluates customer pricing and also allows for the assessment of distribution channel pricing, enabling the evaluation or setting of the price at which the product is intended to be sold to the end customer.

Serial product pricing is used in situations such as:

  • Products manufactured on the production line with different features
  • Standard goods produced in large quantities
  • Small firms or individual entrepreneurs producing several similar products
  • Utility items such as pens or key rings
  • Food products sold through several outlets
  • Household accessories such as detergents or toothbrushes
  • Industrial products such as machinery and equipment.

Please note that Simulo S7 has been developed and tested to work with Microsoft Excel. Opening the workbook with other applications, such as Google Sheets or Apple Numbers, may result in errors in formula functionality and calculation results.

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