Business counselling

Training in financial planning

The most challenging aspect of business counseling is to get the client to see in concrete terms how much turnover is needed to cover expenses and depreciation, and how much working capital is needed to keep the business running smoothly. As the business grows, balance sheet planning becomes a priority. How will investment and development costs be financed, how will they be capitalised and how will the potential of the business be demonstrated to investors and financers, for example?

Simulo's S1 and S2 calculations simplify the numbers. They simultaneously show a multi-year forecast for both income and balance sheet. The auxiliary tables allow both income and expenditure to be identified and summed up. These tables also serve as business planning tools: how many units, portions or services should be produced or generated per month to achieve total turnover? The same can be done for expenses. One of the key benefits of Simulo's tools is the easy to understand balance sheet. It provides a simple way to see and plan for cash sufficiency, loan repayments, track the amount of depreciable items and easily view capital ratios.

Sometimes a customer is in a situation where they need to make a more accurate assessment of the cash situation using a cash budget. Such a situation may arise, for example, because of a major development or investment need. Sometimes, on the other hand, the company is in a difficult situation and the cash flow needs to be carefully assessed. Simulo also offers solutions for cash budgets.

Simulo's Excel-based tools are an excellent tool for business advisors who want to empower their clients to understand and plan their finances themselves.

Simulo has also created its own tools for agricultural enterprises. The Simulo SMY1 and SMY2 tools work like the S1 and S2 calculations, but take into account the key metrics and business structure of the agricultural enterprise.

Other uses

Me, becoming an entrepreneur? Financing a start-up business. Planning and financing a growth business. The most important tool for managers and management teams. Planning a business in the midst of difficulties. Sizing and financing a takeover. Simulo works at all stages of the business life cycle.

A starting company

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Test your plans with Simulo's calculations. Make options. Sell your plans to financiers.

Company-specific use

One of the best friends of the business owner and the management team is the income and balance sheet forecast, which is largely accurate.

Educational institutions

Entrepreneurship is a dream and a real option for more and more students. Others are planning a career as a financial professional or in business development. Simulo's tools bring skills to the practical level in an engaging way while focusing on what matters.