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Starting or growing a business beyond the immediate market is an increasingly relevant option for more people, regardless of where they live. People's skills, global markets and connectivity provide unprecedented opportunities to create and grow new businesses.

To put it simply, there are three things that make a business successful:

1) A business idea that customers are willing to pay for.

2) A business where income exceeds expenditure in the long run.

3) A person or persons who are genuinely enthusiastic about the products or services they intend to produce and sell.

Simulo's first Excel-based financial planning tool was born more than 40 years ago to show its user whether or not this business idea, growth plan or business area development makes sense. Simulo's income and balance sheet forecasting tool has evolved into a tool that is ergonomic and easy to use. It has been developed as a tool that consultant Lasse Karjalainen has used to teach thousands of entrepreneurs and company management teams to understand and plan their own company's financials over the long term.

Simulo's income planning tool teaches its user to reduce and extract the essentials of a business, whether it's a multi-million dollar company or a person planning to start a business. Above all, it's a tool that helps you look ahead, anticipate and plan for the long term. The tool's smartest feature is its simple terminology, which allows both the financier and the entrepreneur to discuss the economy on an equal footing. With its easy-to-understand structure, our tool brings business planners all on the same page.

Developing business ideas is sometimes an emotional activity. Your own or others' ideas are like children, whose qualities and growth are sometimes seen through rose-tinted glasses. By turning ideas into numbers, growth and development plans can be viewed from a less sensitive angle.

Simulo's income planning tool has been used by thousands of companies. It has shown its users exhilarating opportunities, warned of looming crises, and given hope for the future. Simulo is made for everyday use for people who, to succeed, need to be able to predict and calculate whether income will outweigh expenses in the long run. Alongside income and balance sheet planning, more tools have been developed to help with pricing and cash management.

Join us and discover that financial literacy is easy!



Me, becoming an entrepreneur? Financing a start-up business. Planning and financing a growth business. The most important tool for managers and management teams. Planning a business in the midst of difficulties. Sizing and financing a takeover. Simulo works at all stages of the business life cycle.

Company-specific use

One of the best friends of the business owner and the management team is the profit and balance sheet forecast, which is largely accurate.

Educational institutions

Entrepreneurship is a dream and a real option for more and more students. Others are planning a career in business as a financial professional or in business development. Simulo's tools bring skills to the practical level in an engaging way while focusing on what matters.

Business counselling

With Simulo calculations, you can quickly and safely build a plan that is easy to interpret and modify with the customer.

A starting company

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Test your plans with Simulo's calculations. Make options. Sell your plans to financiers.