Who we are


Tanja has solid expertise in enterprise development and a good understanding of the public financial instruments available for financing enterprise development. Her clients have been small and medium-sized enterprises of different sizes and ages, from a wide range of industries.

When developing a business, you need to be able to form a comprehensive picture of the current state and growth potential of the business being developed. Assessing the development capacity of a business through financial forecasts is a concrete way of evaluating the adequacy of the resources of the business in relation to the planned development measures.

Tanja has been part of the team developing the Simulo tools since 2020 and is very familiar with the structure of the tools. She was appointed CEO of the company in spring 2023.


Lasse is the founder of Simulo, developer of the toolset and a non-fiction author. He has extensive experience in management consulting and has helped hundreds of companies over the years at various stages of their life cycle. Lasse is characterised by a people-oriented and humble approach to work and an emphasis on the importance of numbers in decision-making. Lasse has also written non-fiction books on financial planning.

Lasse is an experienced consultant who offers practical solutions for financial management.


Teemu is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, consultant and development expert. He has a deep understanding and comprehensive vision of small and medium-sized business development, financing, growth management and human resources development. Teemu has also gained extensive practical experience in business development, setting up several companies, investment planning and financing.

Teemu has worked in various project teams both domestically and internationally. His expertise has been gained by working in both the private and public sector, including government and municipal organisations.

Teemu is particularly familiar with Simulo's tools, which he uses on a daily basis in his work as a consultant. He has years of experience in developing the tools and using them effectively.


Jani has more than 20 years of experience in business management and development. He has worked as a CEO, Managing Director and Project Manager in the tourism industry. Jani started as a management consultant and entrepreneur in 2003.

Jani is highly skilled in working with companies in all industries, but due to his background, he specialises in the tourism sector. Over the years, he has been involved in starting, growing, rescuing and shutting down businesses, as well as assisting in ownership or generation changes. His expertise is therefore broad at all stages of the business life cycle.

Jani has been using Simulo tools on a daily basis for almost 20 years and has been involved in training on Simulo usage and financial planning as part of the team for several years.


Hanna has been a partner in a family business and has had a long career in finance at Finnvera Plc before founding her own company in 2022. Her work at Finnvera included corporate research and economic analysis. Through this work, she has gained a good understanding of corporate financiers and other business service providers and is able to help companies to take advantage of their services.

Hanna has experience as a business coach and trainer, especially in the field of business valuation and ownership changes. Hanna has a particular interest in ownership changes as there is something really fascinating about them; the reason and the emotion, the challenge and the thrill. Finland needs entrepreneurship and successors for companies facing a change of ownership.