A starting business

Simulo for a starting business

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Either on your own or with other professionals? Planning business ideas can sometimes consume your thoughts completely, you might dwell on it day and night. A typical sign of a good idea is when the people around you are getting tired of your enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm and expertise are one of the most important things in setting up a successful business. However, entrepreneurship always involves financial commitments, the size and risk of which must be understood. When setting up a joint business between multiple individuals, it is important that there is a mutual understanding of the financial commitments. Some businesses can be set up with a few thousand euros of initial capital, others may need a large loan. If the guarantees are based on your own assets, it is important to understand the actual risk involved.

With Simulo's Excel-based tools, a starting business can test the viability of its business idea in light of the numbers the tool produces. The S1 tool allows you to test the level of turnover that will make your business profitable. Simulo's S1 tool is a simplified and automated calculation. By entering both income and expenses into the S1 tool, you can quickly see how much annual net sales you need to generate for the operation to be profitable. The calculation will also display the amount of cash needed. To keep a business running, you need working capital, i.e. money in a bank account. Working capital is needed through all stages of the business life cycle, because expenses almost always occur before income is generated.The S1 tool allows you to plan income and balance sheet forecasts for several years in one go. You will see for yourself how your plans turn into a business and how much work, for example in sales, is needed to achieve a sufficient turnover.

Simulo also has its own tools to aid you with pricing and cash flow calculations. These tools can also be useful for a starting business. Simulo has also created its own tools for agricultural enterprises. The Simulo SMY1 tool works like the S1 calculation, but takes into account the key metrics and business structure of an agricultural enterprise.

Other uses

Me, becoming an entrepreneur? Financing a start-up business. Planning and financing a growth business. The most important tool for managers and management teams. Planning a business in the midst of difficulties. Sizing and financing a takeover. Simulo works at all stages of the business life cycle.

Company-specific use

One of the best friends of the business owner and the management team is the income and balance sheet forecast, which is largely accurate.

Educational institutions

Entrepreneurship is a dream and a real option for more and more students. Others are planning a career as a financial professional or in business development. Simulo's tools bring skills to the practical level in an engaging way while focusing on what matters.

Business counselling

With Simulo calculations, you can quickly and safely build a plan that is easy to interpret and modify with the customer.