Financial planning

Simulo's team provides training in financial planning to, for example, educational institutions and organisations that support entrepreneurship and people who want to become entrepreneurs. Simulo's own calculation tools are actively used in the trainings, allowing participants to practise and apply what they have learned through practical examples.

Our training courses provide participants with practical knowledge and skills. We train in financial planning, cash budgeting and pricing. The content of the trainings is tailored to the needs of the target audience and can include only one of the areas described above or a more comprehensive package of all topics.

Through the training, participants will develop their understanding of financial issues and learn how to apply what they have learned in a practical business environment. Examples will help them to see how financial principles and tools can be applied in practice. This will enable them to apply what they have learned in their own work.

If you are interested in organising training, please contact us to discuss the possibilities further.

Let's learn together that financial planning is easy.

Other uses

Me, becoming an entrepreneur? Financing a start-up business. Planning and financing a growth business. The most important tool for managers and management teams. Planning a business in the midst of difficulties. Sizing and financing a takeover. Simulo works at all stages of the business life cycle.

A starting company

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Test your plans with Simulo's calculations. Make options. Sell your plans to financiers.

Company-specific use

One of the best friends of the business owner and the management team is the profit and balance sheet forecast, which is largely accurate.

Educational institutions

Entrepreneurship is a dream and a real option for more and more students. Others are planning a career as a financial professional or in business development. Simulo's tools bring skills to the practical level in an engaging way while focusing on what matters.