S2 Income statement and balance sheet

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Simulo S2 is an Excel-based tool that can be used to support the financial planning of an operational business at all stages of the business lifecycle. It is designed to facilitate financial planning in the context of growth, development or investment. It helps you to plan for the future and to ensure cash flow in difficult situations.  It allows for the creation of various scenarios to assess the company's future prospects and make necessary adjustments to the plans. Consultants have also used the S2 calculation as a tool to determine the value of a company in situations such as mergers and acquisitions or generational transitions.

Simulo S2 is easy to use and allows you to create plans quickly and efficiently. Its simple structure and ease of interpretation help company management to make better decisions and ensure the future success of the company.

Please note that Simulo S2 has been developed and tested to work with Microsoft Excel. Opening the workbook with other applications, such as Google Sheets or Apple Numbers, may result in errors in formula functionality and calculation results.

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