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Simulo S9 is an Excel-based, two-step pricing tool designed for pricing services provided on an hourly rate. The tool allows you to quickly and accurately price a service provided using an hourly pricing model. A common example is consulting services, where the content and duration of the work can vary greatly between projects.

In the first section, Simulo S9 calculates the hourly rate based on the cost of doing business. This gives a clear picture of the service provider's costs and generates a calculated hourly price. In the second section, Simulo S9 provides a customer-specific pricing template that allows the exact price to be determined for the final customer.

Simulo S9 is an easy to use and versatile tool that helps companies find a profitable price for their hourly rate services. The tool makes it quick and easy to calculate the price of a service and determine it on a per-customer basis, making it easier to offer and price services.

Please note that Simulo S9 has been developed and tested to work with Microsoft Excel. Opening the workbook with other applications, such as Google Sheets or Apple Numbers, may result in errors in formula functionality and calculation results.

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